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Important information. Please read and support identifying your community needs in the Sauchen area.

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Dear Residents of Sauchen

For some time now your local community council members have been working on your behalf, talking with key members in Aberdeenshire Council to support us in establishing a genuine need for a suitable community hub/meeting place in Sauchen.

In order to move this forward we have secured support from the Council to facilitate and hold “gathering information sessions” with residents of the Sauchen Community.

For this purpose two special meetings have been organised at Cluny School on the 27th of February at 3.15pm for those who can only attend during daytime and 7.00pm for those who can only attend during the evening. A “Place Standards” approach will be used to collect all your views and requirements for the community. In order to assist the school, please contact them and tell them how many of you are coming and to which meeting, by the 26th at the latest :

This is an exciting opportunity to express and capture your views, which hopefully will kick-start the process towards getting agreement to establish a suitable meeting place in Sauchen, designed for use by all age groups.

It is quite clear however that unless sufficient people turn up to the meeting and demonstrate strong local demand, it won’t happen. We must prove to the powers that be that there is an overwhelming and serious requirement for such a meeting place. THIS IS VITAL!

For those who cannot attend either meeting on the 27th please see below two Survey Monkey links (Section A and Section B). These will take approximately 5 – 10 minutes each to complete and must BOTH be completed. Please complete these by February 23rd. (Section A) (Section B)

I also attach below a link to the “Place Standard”. There are 14 criteria taken into account in a Place Standard and each of these will be discussed at the meetings and suitable scores reflecting your views will be agreed. For those who are interested in how it works, here is the link:

Important information. Please read and support identifying your community needs in the Sauchen area.

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We are very much looking forward to working with you all and hearing your views. I can’t stress enough that if this is going to happen at all, NOW is the moment.

In the meantime, please pass the word round and if you have any questions please contact either myself or any of the following:

Richard Lattimer 01330 833213

Maureen Clark 01330 833541

Hugh Falconer 07885 856541

Richard Fyffe


Cluny, Midmar & Monymusk Community Council





AB51 7PP

Tel: 01330 833295

Mobile: 07733 107 254



Cluny, Midmar and Monymusk Community Council

Request for Nominations for the position of Community Councillor, by February 9th 2018

There are currently vacancies for the position of Community Councillor, in the parishes of Cluny, Midmar and Monymusk.

Would any person living within the appropriate parish, who wishes to fill in the nomination form for the post of Community Councillor for that parish, please contact Richard Fyffe ( either by email or at the address below, for any required information and/or the appropriate nomination form. This will require to be filled in, along with signatures from the nominee, a proposer and a seconder, all of whom must be resident in the appropriate parish.

A proposer and seconder can only do so for one nominee.

The completed nomination forms must be submitted by 5.00pm on February 9th 2018

Richard Fyffe


Cluny, Midmar & Monymusk Community Council





AB51 7PP

Tel:  01330 833295

Mobile:  07733 107 254


Road Closures

Commencing    26 February 2018 for 2 weeks


Commencing    12 February 2018 for 3 days (Road will be closed during the hours of 09:30and 15:30)

Access for pedestrians and to adjacent properties will be maintained at all times.

Changes to Stagecoach Bus Service from 8 Jan 2018


Know who to turn to” Campaign

The NHS and its services can be a confusing place for many members of the public. It can be difficult for people to know who to turn to or which service to choose when needed. The NHS Grampian campaign ‘Know Who To Turn To’ is designed to help everyone go directly to the service that will get them the right care in the right place at the right time.

The campaign is designed to educate people on how to effectively use key NHS services, encouraging people to make the right choice of service when feeling unwell.

Below is the website for obtaining information about this service.

Aberdeenshire Community Transport Initiative (ACTI) Small Grant Fund


I am emailing to let you know about a new small grant fund for community transport provided by Aberdeenshire Council.  This is aimed at supporting initiatives such as community dial-a-bus services and volunteer car schemes.


Groups or organisations interested in providing community transport may apply for a one-off grant of up to £3,000 to cover a maximum of 75% of their project costs.  This could, for example, be used to assist with start-up revenue costs or be put towards the purchase of equipment.


Any group interested in setting up a new scheme/service should contact Heather or Marion in the Passenger Transport Unit on 01467 539084 to discuss their idea in the first instance.  We can provide advice where necessary on the issues that need to be considered when planning or operating a new voluntary transport service.


We are happy for this to be put on your website should you consider it relevant.



Heather Dey

Senior Transport Officer

Passenger Transport Unit

Aberdeenshire Council

Woodhill House

Westburn Road


AB16 5GB

Tel: 01467 539084


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